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15% More Production.
32% More Uptime.
Go Live In 6 Weeks.

  Take a shortcut to the Digital Oilfield with the fastest speed-to-value Production Optimization Platform available. Fast onboarding. Easy-to-use. Advanced AI that works.


The OspreyData Vision Platform


Gain control with Unified Monitoring & Quickstart Analytics that you can start using in as fast as 6 weeks. Run OspreyData Flight AI-powered Solutions on the OspreyData Vision platform to enable early action and collaborate with OspreyData Talon Production experts at every step of the way.


Power your Digital Field
with OspreyData Vision

OspreyData Vision provides everything teams need to improve lift operations & manage all wells in one place:

Scada/Historian Data Ingestion
Customizable Dashboard
Quickstart Analytics Library
Well History
Lift-Specific Monitoring Tools
Quick Event Labeler
Tasking & Notifications
Real-Time 24-7 Surveillance

The Quickstart Analytics Library

OspreyData Vision is loaded with Quickstart Analytics that monitor common issues across lift types. These solutions are designed as “ready-to-use” analytics in the Digital Field and keep teams aware of potential problems in daily operation.

Field Impact: Proactive Monitoring

Use of OspreyData Vision’s ESP Pump Performance Curves and Dynacard Descriptor models enabled an independent producer in the Permian to monitor pump performance and proactively adjust wells rather than wait for action by third-party vendors.

Multivariate Analysis Library addresses common issues such as motor problems, reduced pump efficiency & more

Automated ESP Pump Performance Curves

Automated Dynacard Descriptors

Automate Tasking & Notifications to take fast action on results

New solutions are continuously added to library

OspreyData Flight: AI-Powered Production Solutions


Tap into the power of Machine Learning to detect anomalies and automate well optimization across the field. Your team will view results & take action within OspreyData Vision. Empower teams to 10x wells under management.

Detect specific suboptimal conditions and failures & take early action

Receive automated setpoint recommendations tailored to production or cost-saving goals

Automate setpoint changes at the edge

OspreyData Talon: Expert Services


Collaborate with our Production & Automation experts to accelerate your Digital Field transition, find ways to optimize operations and take your team to the next level. Our premium delivery services include:

Lift experts identify opportunities for improvement in your current operations

Our experts assist with data delivery & onboarding

Consult with our lift experts for problem solving help

Schedule onsite or remote training to enhance teams' use of OspreyData Vision

Your Production Intelligence Hub

Platform + AI Solutions + Lift Expertise

OspreyData Vision serves as the core of your Digital Oilfield with teams improving operations in as fast as 6 weeks with the help of OspreyData Talon experts. Your teams will leverage automation within OspreyData Flight to maximize production, reduce LOE and increase efficiency across the entire enterprise.

Go Live in 6 Weeks

Yes - your fields can go digital in just six weeks. We guide you through data delivery and deploy OspreyData Vision's Unified Monitoring & Quickstart Analytics within the first six weeks. We then begin the deep data discovery needed to deploy OspreyData Flight's advanced solutions across your wells.

At 6 Weeks

Data Delivery Complete

OspreyData Talon Expert provides Training

Teams get access to OspreyData Vision

Wells are viewable for monitoring

At 12 Weeks

Quickstart Analytics used in Daily Operations

OspreyData Flight Data Discovery

Quickly Label Events & Collaborate

Field Ops acts on Tasks & Alerts

At 18 Weeks

OspreyData Flight solutions deployed

Automate Tasking & Notifications

Track Field Performance Data

Onboard new Wells for Analytics

The Benefits & Advantages

Proven performance on hundreds of wells.
Make better decisions, faster – then automate your learnings across your enterprise.

For Producers

Seeking all the competitive advantages offered by the digital oilfield? OspreyData helps accelerate that process. Talk to a OspreyData Talon team member to learn how our platform drastically lowers LOE and increases prod while minimizing risk and downtime.

Gain edge-to-enterprise awareness and control of your assets

Streamline operations by integrating all engineering systems and teams. De-silo and unify well data.

Increase production capacity while reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs

Event – Rod Pump – Tubing Fail Likely
Event – Rod Pump – Hole in Tubing

For Production Engineers

Seeking greater control by having access to all well data at your fingertips? Force-multiply your expertise by using Machine Learning to monitor all wells 24/7 and send you notifications only when things go off plan. Operate-by-exception and cut down wasted field time by 50%.

Operate-by-exception with AI-assisted monitoring

Diagnose issues with rich sensor graphing tools & automated visualizations

Optimize all wells continuously with automated Simulations

Collaborate with your team with comments & automated tasking

For CIOs, CTOs & IT

Give your team a powerful cloud-based platform that minimizes infrastructure costs and unifies data across all fields & lift types. Our platform is usable on any device and can integrate readily with the services you use the most.

Integrate with your SCADA and monitoring systems

Our open data platform makes import & export easy

Cloud-based platform requires no hardware or edge devices

We provide industry-leading Security & Access Management Tools

Our AI Delivers Results

Artificial lift automation & advanced analytics aren’t “nice to haves” - it no longer makes sense to run fields without them. OspreyData Flight's AI solutions are so effective because our Machine Learning is trained by your team along with our lift experts. Our solutions know your fields and get smarter over time.


Wells Analyzed & Optimized


Major Artificial Lift Failures Prevented


BBL of Production Optimized YTD 2021

Insights & Updates