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6 Secrets of OspreyData Science

Our science and methodological approach is simple: Our expertise meets your expertise to empower your wells. Whether it is ESP, Rod Pump, Gas Lift, Plunger Lift, or Downhole Analysis, our approach is to help you optimize production. Below, we will discuss the basic factors of how our OspreyData science works:

 1. We monitor and model on multiple sensors.

First, our models look for normal and indicative problem patterns across all signals and engineering models. Your Artificial Lift experts and ours label problem states across this data, known as events.

2. We normalize your raw data to create modeling features.

We determine a normalized signal for wells by type and across fields. This removes the need to analyze by individual wells. Our models work across various wells regardless of size, allowing for rapid deployment across your fields.

3. Our Machine Learning finds labeled patterns.

We employ different machine learning models to find the patterns labeled by the expert team. Machine learning greatly automates this historically manual process.

4. We train & test to ensure models are working.

We train and test to ensure models perform well on new data.

5. We track key measurements of Model Performance.

We provide complete transparency to model effectiveness at every stage. We constantly work to improve model performance by monitoring Accuracy, Precision and Recall metrics.

6. You can adjust Model Performance to your liking.

Change your models’ performance thresholds to meet your business objectives.

The end result is a powerful solution that is uniquely yours!

Click here to learn more about our methodology and science, as well as what problems you can conquer. And contact us if you’d like to discuss how our expertise can work with yours!