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Dr. Venkat Putcha joined OspreyData in 2017 after obtaining his Ph.D in petroleum engineering at Penn State and serving as a production engineer for India’s largest oil and gas operator. As senior data scientist, Venkat leads the charge in developing OspreyData’s Production Analytics solutions, focusing on targeting inefficiencies for gas lift and other lift types.

Venkat brings a decade of experience exploring the facets of simulation, field work, and data science in optimizing production. As production engineer for ONGC, India’s biggest oil and gas producer, he optimized oil production & gas usage through field visits and by developing simulation models to clear bottlenecks in the production systems of the Gandhar oilfields. He later pursued and obtained a Ph.D at Penn State with a focus on developing machine learning-powered simulations for gas lift optimization. His unique breadth of knowledge is invaluable as he builds AI-based solutions for our clients.

Venkat received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 2009 from NIT Trichy, India.