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Advanced Analytical Tools with Production Analytics

Developed by our team of leading petroleum experts and data scientists, Production Analytics provides automated well optimization and event diagnostics with leading indicators for major artificial lift types.

Production Analytics allows your operators to be experts by giving them more time to fix underlying issues, optimize performance and innovate throughout the oilfield. The solution vastly reduces the time operators and engineers need to monitor wells by surfacing evolving problems directly to them. You can also use the solution to automate repetitive monitoring tasks while extending monitoring capabilities across the field to help Engineers focus on more valuable tasks of design, planning and field management.

Production Analytics includes our Production Unified Monitoring solution, our Expert-Guided Machine Learning collaboration tools, plus advanced analytics that improve production by detecting the onset of suboptimal conditions and downtime as well as automating well optimization by lift type. Our Advanced Analytics tools work for any lift type, too.

Suboptimal Cause Analysis

Detect suboptimal operations, the “silent killers” of high production and equipment health. Increase uptime and the lifespan of your equipment. Plan into workovers or prevent them entirely.

Event Detection & Prevention

Gain more lead time to know when a well may fail and a richer understanding of what causes your wells to fail. Plan into failure instead of acting after failure happens.

Well Optimization

Optimize throughout the life of the well according to your objectives, whether they are reducing costs, increasing production, or both.

Review our Production Analytics solutions page to see how these analytics tools work for each lift type and then request access to our online demos to get an even closer look!