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Digital Twins: Ideas On Increased Diagnostics In Oil Fields & Platforms

In the recent April 2020 Journal of Petroleum Technology article, Upstream Digitalization is Proving Itself in the Real World, the author wrote about “Using the Cloud To Turn Big Data Into Smart Data” and how Digital Twins are being used to increase evaluations and diagnostics within oil fields and platforms. The description of “digital twin” is fairly straightforward in their usage. Several companies are leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics to monitor remote locations and improve efficiency across their fields.

“It’s like our cars. We used to take them for maintenance every 3,000 miles; now embedded sensors and predictive analytics let us know when we’re nearing maintenance time—for example, 12% of engine oil time left. The same principle applies whether it’s a pump or a platform,” said Ed Moore, senior technologist for Chevron’s Emerging Technologies Group.

This is something that OspreyData is very familiar with. We provide a Unified Monitoring solution for this very need. Our data analytics and machine learning solutions are ready for any oil field operator looking to get into this space. Our AI and machine learning solutions are tested and efficient. Using Unified Monitoring provides a single source of information across your entire field and allows for data-driven decision making and communication, even among remote teams.

OspreyData’s Production Analytics provides automated full-field diagnostics and optimization, putting much valuable time back in the day of your operators. This time-saving solution has been developed by our team of leading petroleum experts and data scientists. It utilizes event diagnostics with leading indicators for major artificial lift types, amongst many other tools and features.

This solution is available to provide diagnostics and communication, ROI and optimization opportunities, and more, even remotely. Learn more about our solutions today and contact our team to set up a personalized demo of our Solutions!

Read the full JPT article here.