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How Can AI Help You Become A Proactive Organization

For an operator, each day brings a different set of challenges as you look to improve your production and boost your profitability. Here at OspreyData, we are firm believers that you can use data in order to more efficiently tackle your daily workloads. That data helps you transform from being reactive into being proactive organization. Whatever your role is in the company, you might as well let the machines do the repetitive work and present you with information that allows you to make the higher value-added decisions. And note that with AI, the machines aren’t making rudimentary decisions based solely on 1’s and 0’s, the models are utilizing expert inputs and the intelligence (the I in AI) to help you attain those production goals while controlling your Lease Operating Expenses (LEOs).

Our AI-Based Platform helps you scale your operations, getting more utility out of your current workforce. We link up to your existing SCADA systems or data lakes to provide real time analytics to help you across the various functional areas of your company.

Data Scientists are given the ability to quickly visualize data across various fields that may contain multiple lift types in one centralized pane of glass. No need to jump between systems in order to complete your work. Your data scientists can either utilize our shared models that are trained on your data in addition to deploying their own proprietary models on OspreyData’s platform. And things get real interesting when we open up our models so that you can super-impose your knowledge to our models in order to deploy more performant solutions.

As you become a proactive organization, the daily routines of your Production Engineers will be enhanced as the platform will highlight high risk wells that might be experiencing inevitable failures or point out wells with sub-optimal operations. The Production Engineer can quickly assess which high value wells to attack first so that production can be accelerated. And if you don’t have time to give attention to a well outside your scheduled route, no problem. Initiate a workflow that ensures the accountability that the work will be completed.

And once workflows have been initiated for a well that has been tagged for workover, the Facilities and Maintenance group takes over. The platform enables them to plan into the failures, allowing them to get the well up and running in a more efficient, transparent manner. And hey, optimized rig movements sound pretty good!

If you would like to learn more about OspreyData’s AI-Based Platform and how to become a proactive organization, feel free to Access our Webcast Replay where Dr. Venkat Putcha (Senior Data Scientist) and Tim Burke (VP of Operations and Client Services) discuss these three problems that AI can help you solve:

  1. Identifying Operation Triggers to Avoid Downtime
  2. Knowing When and How to Optimize across a High Volume of Wells
  3. Estimating Production Accurately and Leveraging the Data.