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How Does OspreyData Expert-Guided Machine Learning Work?

Our Expert-Guided Machine Learning approach leverages experts’ knowledge to power advanced analytics on the oilfield. Experts mark problems and solutions across well history and we use this labeled data to train models to detect and solve the same problems. Expert-Guided Machine Learning helps you label data across hundreds of wells quickly and effectively and uncover operational issues through the power of automation.

Empower your operators with an expert-guided machine learning solution. Field operators, engineers, and subject matter experts bring years of experience in learning, diagnosing and fixing problems. Empower them to accurately identify problem conditions by participating in model training.

Three Advantages To Expert-Guided Machine Learning

Label Events Quickly: Our artificial lift SMEs begin by marking events and conditions on your historical data for a small group of wells. Our models then generate labels which feed the machine learning process. We then expand this process to run on additional groups of wells until all data has been labeled, giving you the power to label years with of events quickly.

Model Collaboration: Your operators will have a shared place within Production Analytics to validate model results and their reviews and comments all serve to make models smarter. Our Auto-Validation tools will also speed up the training process on certain types of events. Once they match what your operators want, we get them running on live data to deliver real-time value.

Control the Models: Tune the models that can differentiate between critical events of interest and seemingly similar false positives. Models adaptively adjust their sensitivity according to the experts’ ratings of past and current diagnostic indicators. This ensures that the model emulates expert judgment, unlike other methods that follow traditional data science procedures.

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