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Impact for Producers

Helping you achieve more in the Digital Field

Whether your goals are to maximize production, lower LOE or raise productivity, OspreyData’s platform and services help achieve those goals. Our solutions increase uptime and output by helping teams adopt Digital Field tools and leverage the power of machine learning and automation.


Maximize production with OspreyData’s patent-pending Simulation-based Well Optimization

Producers know well optimization is not a “set & forget” process – wells must be optimized individually and on a regular cadence. OspreyData Flight’s Simulation-based Well Optimization automates this process across hundreds of wells through our innovative simulation workflow. Wells’ operating conditions are analyzed continuously in real time generating operational recommendations that improve yields and help production and operations manage more wells with precision. The accuracy of well recommendations grows over time, along with operators’ capacity to manage more wells, and helps wells operate at optimum levels despite changing downhole conditions.

OspreyData software is easy to use so production and operations embrace change to automation quickly. Teams can scale optimization field-wide at lower costs, boosting entire fields to exceed expectations.

Optimize Gas Lift Injection Rate setpoints, ESP motor speed, Rod Pump stroke rate, Plunger lift cycles & more

We optimize field-wide through our innovative transient-based simulation + neural network process

Recommendations are tailored to your operating objectives (i.e. lowering costs vs increasing prod) and are actionable in the OspreyData Vision monitoring platform


Extend well performance & maximize production with AI-based Event & Anomaly Detection

Target suboptimal operation and recurring failures with performance assessments conducted by OspreyData Talon experts. We investigate your wells’ operational issues deeply and implement Machine Learning-powered solutions that bring problems to light and help you mitigate quickly.

Dig into known problems such as ESP Gas Locking and deploy customized OspreyData Flight solutions to combat them

Employ OspreyData Talon experts to analyze your wells and discover causes of suboptimal operation & failures

Employ OspreyData Flight Anomaly Detection to quickly detect poor or abnormal operating states


In-Depth Data Quality Audit & Report

Our customers are often surprised at how difficult it can be to wrangle data from SCADA providers and historians, leading to delayed implementation of the powerful analytics OspreyData Vision and Flight provide. Our Data Health Assessment helps you ensure the data is complete and ready for advanced analytics. We profile your data and score it according to rigorous criteria that is customized to your fields’ needs.

We collect data from your key sources and analyze it for Consistency, Continuity, Coverage and Connectedness

You receive a detailed Data Health Report that identifies gaps and wells' readiness for individual OspreyData Flight analytic models

Assessment results ready in as fast as two weeks