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Introducing The Professional Petroleum Data Management Association

We were thrilled to have Pam Koscinski of PPDM join us on a recent webcast, in March 2020. For those who are unfamiliar with PPDM, it is the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association, a global group that is leading the Petroleum Industry in developing Data Management standards and best practices. Pam has been instrumental to their efforts, serving as the USA Representative since 2013. Pam also has deep & extensive knowledge of the Oil & Gas industry, having served over 20 years in the field with companies such as Chesapeake Energy and IHS Markit. 

Pam provided an introduction to the PPDM organization and its efforts in the industry, and shared some great insights.

To quote Pam, “The PPDM Board of Directors believes that we can help industry make data better from creation. The board also believes that PPDM can position data professionals who will help ensure that data is strategically leveraged for interpretation, analytics, operational efficiency, and decision support. All of the programs at PPDM are directed at these two goals, in support of objectives to make the oil and gas industry more effective, efficient and agile.”

What does PPDM do? They are a global not-for-profit professional society. They were formed in 1991 and are an integral part of effective data systems in the petroleum industry today. They operate under a four-point framework that is shown on the graphic below. Functionally, the PPDM’s key pillars of activity are:

  • Community building, both through events and through publications
  • Development of standards and best practices 
  • Professional development programs because data professionals are essential to every organization as they are the ones who nourish and steward data systems

Technology developments are nothing new in this industry, and truly new technology can drive the capability in leveraging properly governed and stewarded data assets. PPDM aims to support new technology while ensuring that the strategic value of data remains a priority. Technology comes and goes, but data has a life expectancy that far exceeds the life span of any one technology or software system.

We are thrilled to support the PPDM and to be a part of the membership base. We attend and participate in their annual events and expo’s, and look forward to the next meetings we can share with them and the attendees. In the meantime, we’re pleased to support this excellent organization and to have their support of our team, as well. To find out more about PPDM, please visit their website. 

For more info on this organization, and to hear from Pam directly, request the “The Evolving State of Data Management in Oil and Gas” webcast with Pam and Ron. We think you’ll find it timely and informative!