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Jon Snyder Colorado school of mines digital oilfield unified monitoring

Jon Snyder Recently Spoke at Colorado School of Mines

OspreyData’s Customer Engagement Manager, Jon Snyder, had the pleasure to present at his alma mater, Colorado School of Mines. The Mines’ Petroleum Engineering department recently started a Petroleum Analytics program to enhance students’ ability to analyze large sets of data specific to the oil and gas industry. Jon spoke of some of the current challenges facing the industry and how analytics can help solve some of these issues. His presentation focused on data quality, and some of OspreyData’s offerings with regards to artificial-lift event detection and production optimization, and the effectiveness of the digital oilfield. It was exciting for Jon to visit the class and see all the changes and initiatives taking place on campus.

To hear more about the objectives that Jon discussed with the students and about Production Unified Monitoring, access the webcast replay featuring Eric Clour (Production Engineer) and Jon, discussing some of these real-life problems and how to solve them! Access the webcast replay entitled “How Operators and Production Engineers Solve Problems Faster in the Digital Oilfield” here.