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Launch Your Digital Oilfield with Production Unified Monitoring

OspreyData is here to help you launch your digital oilfield today! We have built a SaaS (Software as a Service) model to empower the various needs of Production, Field Operations and Analytic Teams supporting Artificial Lift in Oil and Gas.

In addition to enabling operators to build a digital oilfield, Unified Monitoring provides a stepping stone or entry point to use advanced analytics in their production operations. We have also built an advanced analytics solution that integrates directly into the Unified Monitoring Platform. Using an ensemble of data science and machine learning algorithms and models, OspreyData has built solutions to:

Detect anomalies and other suboptimal events such as:
gas interference or locking in ESPs

tagging and/or pounding in Rod pumps

Detect and diagnose failures such as:
holes in tubing

broken shafts
parted rods

In addition, we continue to expand and refine the models that our production optimization algorithms use to help operators determine optimum flow control settings across all lift types such as:
gas injection rates in gas lift applications,

motor frequencies in ESPs
or appropriate stroke per minute settings in rod pump applications

This minimizes downtime, maximizes recovery, and ultimately increases your rate of return on an asset.

For more information on how Unified Monitoring and OspreyData can work for you, feel free to view our Unified Monitoring Solutions Page and request an online demo to view at your convenience.  If you would like to launch your digital oilfield today, contact us now!