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Oil & Gas and The Digital Oilfield: Revising The Steps In Digital Transformation

Suggesting a slight twist on this process, OspreyData believes that improving data processes accelerates the path to achieving results and providing institutional value. Applying the prior recommendations of being consistent, specific and incremental provides continuous improvements to the production teams. In addition to those steps, Unified Monitoring provides a technology solution that enables you to nimbly change between business and production processes.

This may sound like a counterintuitive starting point. Why start monitoring production processes, assets and fields based on unknown data? Conventional wisdom says to start with crisp, clean and consistent data. We agree, but it is not something OspreyData arrived at quickly. Let’s explore more about how and why we came to think this way.


It does seem to be an odd way to start; for quite some time we at OspreyData thought it was as well. After completing multiple customer engagements on digital transformation it has shown us a few things, some of which this discussion touched on in the Transformation Challenges section. We gained further insights from observing that Data Quality Assessment and Improvement programs suffer from their own pitfalls. OspreyData has seen multiple attempts to target an ROI within a Data Quality Improvement Program fail or fall short. It’s truly difficult to prove that better data on its own improves operations, reduces costs or reduces non- productive time.

However, if you see data quality as part of a continuous process of improvement as in, say well surveillance, then you can tie a value to that result. It is often a simpler and to some extent safer message to the executive team and the broader organization.

A core notion in Unified Monitoring is that producers today are collecting data from operations already. In fact, this represents the baseline of how a producer is managing its existing day to day operations. By pulling this data into a unified or centralized location and using it as a single source for well operations; you have a natural vehicle to build and track metrics evaluating the overall quality, timeliness and usefulness of your telemetry and well metadata. Producers are building this all while they continue to run existing production operations.


While it will not solve all implementation challenges, OspreyData sees that Unified Monitoring is a bridge that jumpstarts an organization’s ability to achieve results with their digital oilfield transformation.

Improvements in processes can be continuously developed and deployed across teams. The Unified Monitoring technology solution allows operational improvements to be tackled while continuing to collect and improve telemetry. Combined, OspreyData believes this fuels producers’ continued digital transformations and operational innovation.

If you’re ready to jump in, we suggest that you start by requesting our white paper on this subject. Request “Unified Monitoring and the Digital Oilfield”, written by our C.T.O. Ron Frohock today! Or reach out to our sales team to start the conversation on how OspreyData can work with you!