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Oil & Gas and The Digital Oilfield: Suggestions For Success

Making the transformation to being a digital oilfield is a critical enabler for producers in Oil & Gas. Companies feel the urgency to increase the pace of technology adoption that reduces the need for manpower, increases safety, improves economics and overall boosts profits. In all cases, increasing employee efficiency and productivity is achieved by improving the ability to make informed and timely data-driven decisions. For most Oil & Gas companies, the goal is clear, but the “how” of the digital transition is the challenge. So here are a few thoughts on how to accomplish this transition, based on what OspreyData has seen from organizations progressing in their digital transformations.

Be Incremental: Understand and accept that change is incremental; determine what quickly provides value to teams. The acceleration from success is infectious. Building successes give teams confidence to tackle more complex issues and challenges.

Be Consistent: it’s easy during a transition to fall back into existing practices. Keep moving forward with your efforts for transition. It becomes easier as teams become dependent on your improvements. In the moment or under pressure it’s easy to abandon a new process but changing patterns takes time and consistent focus. If the new processes aren’t achieving required results, tweak the process, don’t stop it.

Be Specific: Know that there is a specific target or goal that you are incrementally improving. Be as detailed as you can and communicate to all involved teams. Recall the earlier quote from Drucker, “What you measure gets managed,” and remember that it also translates to managing what you are measuring. Use information created by your transformation to drive better and more timely decisions.

As OspreyData is collaborating with multiple companies working through their digital transitions, we have concluded that there is a different & better way to approach transformation.

Stepping back and taking a holistic view of the challenges that our clients experience, we’ve observed that a potential barrier to success is the de facto process around data of “collect, measure, and improve before using.” If that is true, what does it mean? What does it change for operators in or starting a transformation?

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