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Oil & Gas and The Digital Oilfield: The Production Intelligence Solution

We believe there are additional solutions that an operator can leverage to achieve exceptional operational efficiency, maximize production, and ultimately significantly reduce Lease Operating Expenses. OspreyData’s Production Intelligence Solution offers everything required to manage by exception and to reap all possible rewards of running a digital oilfield.

In addition to Production Unified Monitoring we have been discussing, OspreyData offers Production Analytics, developed by OspreyData’s team of leading petroleum engineering experts. Production Analytics provides powerful machine learning-based suboptimal cause analysis, event detection and prevention, and automated well optimization to any lift. Production Analytics includes our Expert-Guided Machine Learning collaboration tools that enable model training and deployment. Use the power of AI automation to transform your oilfield production operations:

Detecting suboptimal operations, the “silent killers” of high production and equipment health. Increase uptime and the lifespan of your equipment. Plan into workovers or prevent them entirely.

Gain more lead time to know when a well may fail and a richer understanding of what causes your wells to fail. Plan into failure instead of acting after failure happens.

Optimize throughout the life of the well according to your objectives, whether they are reducing costs, increasing production, or both.

We invite you to request our related white paper on this topic and more. Request “Unified Monitoring and the Digital Oilfield”, written by our C.T.O. Ron Frohock today! If these topics are of interest to you and your organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for more info!