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OspreyData Featured in Upstream Intelligence Article

On January 30, 2020, OspreyData was featured in the Upstream Intelligence article entitled “How Automation Empowers Operators to Optimize Gas Lift.”  Below is an excerpt from the article with a link to the complete write-up.

How Automation Empowers Operators to Optimize Gas Lift

A dilemma faced by many oil and gas operators is that there are too many wells and too few engineers to constantly monitor, analyze, update and evaluate Gas Lift Injection rates to establish optimal performance, reports James Gavin. Automation is an emerging solution that enables operators to meet this challenge head-on.  Southern California-based OspreyData, formed in 2013, has brought together seasoned Artificial Lift, Data Science and Technology experts to develop a suite of Production Intelligence solutions into which automation is hard-wired. According to OspreyData’s CEO Ed Cowsar, the company possesses a technology stack that enables a production-focused identification of failures and suboptimal conditions along with the performance optimization of Artificial Lift.


The rest of the article covers these topics:

– Addressing Gas Lift Optimization Challenges
– Operator’s Rule of Thumb
– Challenges with Simulation Models
– Striking the Right Balance
– Extending Capabilities Across Lift Types.

Gas Lift Optimization is one of the capabilities in the company’s Production Analytics solution portfolio. It is specifically tailored to determine the optimal amount of gas to inject at the optimal time to maximize the lift of hydrocarbons to the surface. Cowsar explains, “OspreyData’s Production Analytics detect suboptimal conditions that impair well flow or cause maintenance problems and surface them to operators and engineers. We ensure our clients are able to produce more oil in a given month,” said Cowsar. “Ultimately, we help them reduce overall Lease Operating Expenses for their wells.”  Read the full article here.