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OspreyData Offers Failure Detection and Assessment Services

At OspreyData, we provide organizations with a full set of services to aid them in their digital oilfield transformation and enable complex artificial intelligence-based solutions. After identifying possible operational challenges or significant field failures, OspreyData provides a data quality assessment for our clients. The details of an individual assessment can be tailored to the details of the problem states an organization has.

We help clients at the beginning of the assessment process by identifying the key sources of data and parameters needed, as well as the frequency and quality of the data. During the collection of the data, it is important to ensure that data is collected from all sources to capture the full coverage of information that is needed. It is important to make sure the data is managed and measured in a way that will allow for an effective transformation of the data. Transformation allows for efficient and predictive AI models to be built. The process is not then complete, because there would be continual monitoring of the data in order to provide effective identification of the possible interventions or avoidances of suboptimal states to be recommended to the client. This continual monitoring is important and is employed by OspreyData for each client.

OspreyData has built a SaaS model platform to support the various needs of Production, Field Operations and Analytic Teams supporting Artificial Lift in Oil in Gas. The platform offers functionality enabling teams of Data Scientists with exploring new optimization or failure condition detection, to Production Engineers reviewing the behavior of individual wells, receiving and acting on optimization recommendations or failure notifications. Ultimately, enabling field operations teams with specific tasks and workflows, all while ensuring that all teams have the same detailed view of the wells configuration and sensor stream. OspreyData provides AI-enabled solutions for predictive and preventative maintenance and production optimization scaling across all of your fields and plays.

We would be happy to provide anyone with an in-depth review of the Osprey Data platform and services. For a demonstration of how we handle data quality within our streamlined solutions, access our demos now. If you would like to communicate with our sales or engineering teams, feel free to contact us here.