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OspreyData Solutions Are Ready To Work For You Today

With OspreyData’s Vision and Flight solutions, you will find these features and benefits:

  • OspreyData has built a SaaS solution to support the various needs of Production, Field Operations, and Analytic Teams supporting Artificial Lift in oil and gas.
  • The solution offers functionality which enables teams of Data Scientists in exploring new optimization or failure condition detection.
  • The solution enables Production Engineers to better review behavior of individual wells; receiving and acting on optimization recommendations or failure notifications.
  • The solution enables field operations teams with specific tasks & work flows.
  • This happens all while ensuring that all teams have the same detailed view of the well configuration and sensor stream.
  • Supports AI enabled solutions for predictive and preventative maintenance to Production Optimization scaling across all plays.
  • The savings from lowering well downtime and optimizing operating conditions of Artificial Lift Devices, has been measured between $2.2M and $4.5M per hundred producing wells, depending on the variables in well design, geology, and operations. This ROI can be measured.

Contact us today for a discussion of your field and wells, how we can quickly implement a proven anomaly detection model to address the current operational issues that may be occurring.