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OspreyData Value: How We Beat Other Solutions

Our goal is to provide you OspreyData value on your wells. Our methodology and science was developed to create long-term benefits for your well operations.  Below we highlight four reasons how we beat other software platforms in the market.  They are platforms, we are a solution:

1. We developed Human-Augmented Machine Learning to solve real problems in Oil & Gas.

We have 500,000 events used for training on 10,000+ wells across multiple lift types.  You can’t find anyone else with this type of development.

2. You can start with your existing sensors and hardware.

With Osprey Data, you start with no upfront capital expenditures unlike other solutions that need significant capex for proprietary sensors and comms.

3. Our web-based platform is intuitive and easy to use.

Our web-based platform is intuitive and easy to use.  We have a web-based app that can be access on any browser.  Our interface and visualizations easy-to-understand, and you can deploy your own models.  Other solutions require proprietary equipment, include long hours of ongoing training, and have no model deployment capability.

4. We measure ROI, and meet to understand, document and agree where your value is.

OspreyData lowers operating costs, predicts failure, provides operating recommendations, creates effective maintenance schedules, lowers downtime, and increases productions.  Others may focus on price and sales volume, but we focus on where the issues are and provide value to your operation.

For more information about how our models will bring you more value over time, click here.