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Jon Snyder Speaking at the PPDM Data Management Luncheon

PPDM Data Management Luncheon – Jon Snyder Speaking

We are excited to announce that Jon Snyder, our Director of Client Engagement, will speak at the Professional Petroleum Data Management, or PPDM, Data Management Luncheon in Houston, Texas on January 30, 2020. His presentation is entitled “Real Time Data in Oil and Gas, How to Prepare for It”.

Jon will delve into issues and challenges producers have with real time data in Oil and Gas.  He will focus in on how organizations need to prepare for building a strong data backbone by examining the collection and storage of this critical data. Jon will discuss steps and metrics that should be considered when evaluating the quality of the real time data a producer has.  Jon will end by introducing exciting opportunities that can be developed with advanced analytics and machine learning from real time data.

Jon is a Petroleum and Reservoir Engineer with over 10 years of experience with large and small producers such as Encana, Venoco and Burlington Resources. Jon turned his interest and affinity for analytics and is now using his extensive field expertise to help develop Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning solutions for OspreyData as Director of Client Engagement.

The PPDM Data Management Luncheon will be hosted by Occidental Petroleum located at 5 Greenway Plaza, Suite 110, Houston, TX. Register for the PPDM Luncheon here.

If you would like to more about the importance of quality source data and would like to a jumpstart on Jon’s talk, we highly recommend our White Paper, entitled “Data Quality Fuels the Artificial Intelligence Race”.  Click the link to request a copy before the luncheon.