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Press Release: OspreyData Launches Digital Field Quickstart Program for Oil & Gas Producers to Go Live with Digital Oilfield Operations Faster

HOUSTON, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — OspreyData, leader in AI-Based Production Intelligence solutions for Oil & Gas, announced today a Digital Field Quickstart (DFQ) program in Q4 2020 that enables producers to go live quickly with a digital oilfield solution that lowers lease operating cost.

Jacob Huck, Sr. Production Engineer at Jetta Operating said, “With the ability to work with multiple lift types and monitor our wells 24×7, OspreyData’s Unified Monitoring has made it easier for our agile team to lower lease operating costs in the Permian. I have stopped relying on the separate well monitoring systems that come with the pumps. It’s helped our Production Operations run smoothly.”

Jon Snyder, Customer Engagement Manager and experienced Production Engineer adds, “Oil & Gas Producers are in a more challenging position than ever before brought on by market shifts and are looking at ways to do more with less. We want to make it easier for engineers and operators to increase their operational efficiencies by enabling their Digital Field. Our Quickstart package offering brings capabilities our clients need to manage production easily and efficiently. They can focus on the wells that need attention, mitigate downtime and increase production across all lift types they manage.”

The Digital Field Quickstart Program is cost effective, has a proven ROI and goes live in 6 weeks depending on the lift types and configuration. This Q4 2020 offering includes:


Digital Field Quickstart provides OspreyData’s Production Unified Monitoring to bring operators’ well data into one system. Unified Monitoring provides a wealth of tools to achieve centralized lift management: detailed well views, lift-specific tools such as Dynacards and Pump Performance Curves, customizable dashboards, and OspreyData’s Rapid Event Highlighter, an innovative data labeling and collaboration tool.

Production & Operations engineers can learn more about the use of these proven Digital Oilfield tools on Ospreydata’s October 14th & 21st webcasts. These will feature Petroleum Engineers and noted Artificial Lift Experts with backgrounds in the Permian, Eagle Ford, DJ Basin and SCOOP Shale Plays.


The Quickstart solution also includes OspreyData’s Analytics tools that help wells operate more smoothly. These include diagnostic event detection & visualization tools for Rod Pumps, ESPs and Gas Lift that serve as a “check engine light” to make teams aware of problems faster. Using these tools is the first step on the path to using OspreyData’s full Production Analytics advanced solution.


The Quickstart solution’s Intelligent Workflows & Notifications help teams take action on evolving problems quickly. The flexible and intuitive system directs notifications to engineers and operators according to the wells they own. Events trigger tasks that prompt teams to investigate well issues and contact the right techs to take action.

Find out more about the Q4 2020 Digital Field Quickstart program now, or get a demo at:

Global oil producers and independent oil companies alike are seeing more value in the OspreyData AI-enabled Production Intelligence Platform. New clients are using OspreyData’s cloud-based software across the Permian Basin and other shale plays to scale growth, lower Lease Operating Expense, and increase production. As Oil & Gas prices fluctuate, OspreyData helps E&P companies win in this merger and acquisition market on Wall Street.  They are now helping companies go live faster to avoid change management issues that other monitoring solutions create and deliver value faster.

OspreyData is the only Oilfield Operations software platform with a unified intelligent monitor that serves all Lift Types and Manufacturers and offers full Machine Learning anomaly detection. Their predictive models identify problem states in Artificial Lift and Production that lead to downtime and suboptimal production, allowing operators to take early action to prevent failure and increase production and safety. OspreyData is based in Orange County, CA and Houston, TX.

For more info visit or contact us to schedule a full briefing at (844) OSPREY-NOW or [email protected] .