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Register For Our October Webcasts: Rapid Event Highlighting & Solving ESP Problems with Machine Learning Models

We are excited to announce the return of our 30-minute Webcast series. Please join us for a special 2-part edition on October 14 & 21.

How OspreyData’s ‘Rapid Event Highlighter’ Enables You to GO LIVE Faster w/ Smarter Production Analytics

Part 1: Wednesday, October 14 at 9AM CT / 7AM PT

In this first webcast, learn how our Rapid Event Highlighter tool helps Artificial Lift experts highlight and label problem conditions within massive volumes of well data quickly & accurately. This process helps producers go live with Production Analytics faster.

Solving ESP Problems with Expert-Guided Machine Learning

Part 2: Wednesday, October 21 at 9AM CT / 7AM PT

In this second webcast, discover how we build machine learning models using expert-labeled data to optimize ESPs. We will demonstrate how Production Analytics notifies you of problems such as Gas Interference & Gas Locking and how your team can take early action using our Workflow Engine.

Both events will be hosted by our expert panel, including Eric Clour (Production Engineer, EMC Consulting) and Matt Wortmann (Production Engineer, M&G Optimized Consulting). Our own Jon Snyder (Customer Engagement Manager) will be moderating the event.

We look forward to seeing you! Register now to save your spot!

Since these webcasts have already aired, you can now request to view them – just click here to request access!