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AI-Powered Solutions

Do more with the power of Machine Learning

OspreyData Flight is where teams harness the true power of the Digital Field: our machine learning solutions help detect suboptimal operation, automate well optimization field wide, and enable intelligent control to empower teams to 10x wells under management while maximizing production and uptime.


Detect specific suboptimal conditions and failures & take early action

OspreyData Flight’s innovative Event Detection solutions help you target suboptimal operation and recurring failures. We incorporate an in-depth analysis of your wells’ historical performance and past failures and develop machine learning models that can detect the onset or occurrence of operational issues. OspreyData Talon lift experts along with our Data Scientists collaborate to do the deep discovery needed to develop solutions for your fields.  The power of machine learning is extended field-wide to bring problems to light and help your teams mitigate quickly.

Dig into known problems such as ESP Gas Locking and deploy customized OspreyData Flight solutions to combat them

Employ OspreyData Talon experts to analyze your wells and discover causes of suboptimal operation & failures

Employ OspreyData Flight Anomaly Detection to quickly detect poor or abnormal operating states


Receive automated setpoint recommendations tailored to production or cost-saving goals

Our Well Optimization offering automates simulation-based well optimization across hundreds of individual wells through our innovative Simulation Workflow. Wells’ operating conditions are analyzed continuously in real time to generating operational recommendations that meet your unique objectives. The accuracy of well recommendations grows over time, along with operators’ capacity to manage more wells, and helps wells operate at optimum levels despite changing downhole conditions. Leverage this powerful tool to improve yields and put valuable time back into your teams’ days.

Optimize Gas Lift Injection Rate setpoints, ESP motor speed, Rod Pump stroke rate, Plunger lift cycles & more

We optimize field-wide through our innovative transient-based simulation + neural network process

Recommendations are tailored to your operating objectives (i.e. lowering costs vs increasing prod) and are actionable in the OspreyData Vision monitoring platform


Automate setpoint changes at the edge

Combine the powerful detection & automation offered in our Event Detection and Well Optimization offerings to enable action at the edge. Analytics results & setpoint change recommendations can be integrated to your control systems to enable your operators to implement changes quickly. Improve flow performance, lower costs and extend equipment life with Intelligent Control you can trust.

Enable one-click implementation of Gas Lift injection rate changes based on OspreyData Flight Well Optimization

Control changes to Rod Pump settings based on OspreyData Flight Dynacard Descriptor models

Improve Plunger Lift flow performance by controlling open/close cycle times, pressure hold settings, Turner ratios & load ratios