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The Digital Oilfield: Building Blocks Of Unified Monitoring

OspreyData looked at constructing a set of building blocks based upon those foundational objects and services. We believe that an effective monitoring solution must have these robust abilities:

The Digital Oilfield: Building Blocks Of Unified Monitoring

Our Production Unified Monitoring solution enables teams to work together in myriad ways. The value of a single solution that can be referenced for all well production data regardless of lift type or location is huge. No more hunting to find data by field, lift type, supplier-provided solution or SCADA system.

Providing task automation and field collaboration builds a complete history of a well from completion. This greatly improves our operational understanding of equipment maintenance and changing lift types across the entire cycle of a well.

Automated and collaborative Well Reviews capture and leverage all of this rich history. This collaboration creates a repository of operational knowledge about a well that can be leveraged across the organization.

We invite you to request our related white paper on these topics. Request “Unified Monitoring and the Digital Oilfield” today: