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Timelines of Failure Detection with AI (Early Detection) vs. Traditional Models

Failure detection timelines really help us drive home the point of how OspreyData’s Production Intelligence solutions can maximize your production even in the face of inevitable failures.  In the graphic above, we demonstrate the difference between the traditional failure model versus our early detection model.  Below, we explain the difference in the models from 30 days prior to the failure event to 30 days post-failure.

Failure Detection Timelines:  30 Days Prior to 30 Days After Failure

30 Days Prior:

  • Traditional: 30 days before an event, the operator has no idea that a failure is about to occur.
  • AI: Triggers an alarm that there is a 30% chance that a tubing failure is about to occur.

20 Days Prior:

  • Traditional: We are still unaware
  • AI: We see a 65% chance of tubing failure and propose a Tubing Integrity Test

10 Days Prior:

  • Traditional: Still unaware
  • AI: 85% confidence from model and have probably conducted a Tubing Integrity Test, which indicates a failure. We start planning for a work-over seeing that tubing failure is imminent

5 Days Prior:

  • Traditional: By the time the failure occurs, many times the operator is not fully aware that the well has gone down.
  • AI: Model gives a definitive 100% failure chance.
    • In contrast, by using AI, by this time the work over would have already begun.

5 Days After:

  • Traditional: The operator would have tested, detected a failure, and would have proposed a workover.
  • AI: The workover would have progressed to 75%.

10 Days After:

  • Traditional: Without AI assistance, the operator would have just started the workover.
  • AI: The well is back up and running.

30 Days After:

  • Traditional: Well is just back up and running.
  • AI: The well has been producing oil for over 20 days now, significantly increasing your profitability.

If you want to maximize your oil production and increase your ROI, contact us today and we will set up an appointment with our sales team to discuss easy implementation on your oilfields. Easy? Absolutely. Because OspreyData’s platform uses cloud-based tools, it can be accessed from any web browser without any hardware or software installs. Contact Us Today!