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Production UNIFIED MONITORING: Tools to Enable the Front Lines

We have created a tool that empowers both Engineers and Operators on the front lines. Operators are the “boots on the ground”, the front line, and empowering them is key to much of the success. The fewer programs that Operators have, the better things can be. Reducing the distance between Production Engineers and Operators is important to improving their ability to effectively and efficiently solve problems. Having all of the data built into one view, with automation and communication built-in, is a great tool for any Operator or Engineer. Texts, calls, and emails – multiple lines of communication – are not needed. The solution stores the communication, with a history of messaging readily available. It further simplifies operations, which makes for happier Engineers, and a happier organization overall!

OspreyData’s Production Unified Monitoring brings Production Engineers and Operators together “under one roof”.

Tools that work are key to empowering a team! Production Engineers can easily monitor high-risk events, optimize wells dynamically, and easily manage their workflows. Operators can easily view tasks, report progress on maintenance projects, and optimize rig movement. Together, they are solving problems much more efficiently with Unified Monitoring!

To hear more about these objectives and Production Unified Monitoring, access our webcast replay featuring Eric Clour (Production Engineer) and Jon Snyder (Customer Engagement Manager, OspreyData), discussing some of these real-life problems and how to solve them! Access the webcast replay entitled “How Operators and Production Engineers Solve Problems Faster in the Digital Oilfield” here.