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Production UNIFIED MONITORING: The Building Blocks

The building blocks of unified monitoring work together to create a unified model that benefits any team working with artificial lift in oil and gas. At OspreyData, we think that an effective monitoring solution must have robust abilities, such as the following:

  • Visualize, annotate and track complex time series sensors across devices and lift types.  
  • Construct and configure meaningful, actionable dashboards and reports. Analytics should always drive to action.
  • Lift specific. We are talking about oil and gas production, and the monitoring system must natively know about Artificial lift and its distinct device characteristics, for instance DynaCard or pump performance curves.
  • Oil and Gas Production specific analytics, such as production forecasts or variances and decline curve estimation.

We believe that our solution really enables teams to work together in different ways. The idea of a single solution to reference for all well production data regardless of lift type or location is huge. No more hunting to find data by what field or lift type or supplier provided solution or SCADA system. 

Providing task automation and field collaboration builds a complete history of a well since completion. It greatly improves our operational understanding of equipment maintenance across all life-cycle and lift types for a well.

Automated and collaborative well reviews capture and leverage all of this rich history, improving the repository of operational knowledge across the organization. There are many options and details that we can get into here, but it would be easier to see a demo of OspreyData’s Production Optimization Platform with Unified Monitoring!

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