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Why start with unified monitoring

Why Start With Unified Monitoring

Unified Monitoring may seem like an odd way to start the digital transformation; to be honest for quite some time, we thought the very same thing. But, after working with multiple customers on digital transformation, we have seen a few things. Less obvious – the data quality assessment and improvement programs suffer from their own set of pitfalls. We have seen multiple attempts at targeting ROI for data quality improvement programs fall short. It is truly difficult to show that better data by itself improved operations, reduced costs or improved productivity. 

However, if you see data quality as part of a continuous improvement, like well surveillance, then value can certainly be applied to that result. It is often more simple and somewhat safer of a message to the executive team.

A core notion in Unified Monitoring is that, as a producer, you are collecting data from your operations already. In fact, this represents the baseline of how you manage day to day operations. By pulling this data into a centralized location and using it as a single source for well operations, you have a natural vehicle to build and track metrics evaluating the overall quality, timeliness, and usefulness of the telemetry and well metadata. All while continuing to run existing production operations. 

While it will not solve all of your implementation challenges, we see that a Unified Monitoring solution can be a bridge that jump-starts an organization’s ability to achieve results with their transformation. Improvements in processes can be continuously deployed and delivered to all teams.  

This technological solution allows operational improvements to be tackled while continuing to collect and improve telemetry. Combined, this provides fuel for your continued digital transformation and operational innovation.

For more information on Unified Monitoring and implementing a Digital Oilfield, we recommend our webcast replay on the subject. Feel free to request access here.